Monday, August 13, 2012

Eagle Cliff Falls near Montour Falls, NY

Eagle Cliff Falls at Montour Falls, NY near Watkin's Glenn.  This falls is one of my favorites of the many majestic falls in this area.   The first time I searched out this falls, I was awe struck after climbing the ladder and following the trail up to the main falls which is a hidden treasure.  It is located in Havana Glen Park on Havana Glen Road just off Route 14 and is a half mile south of Montour Falls.  The park is privately own and has camping and picnic facilities right by the lower falls.  The entry fee is $1.

View from the parking lot of the lower falls.
Closeup of the lower falls.

Tiger lilies by the falls.
The ladder leading up to the main Eagle Cliff Falls.

The trail leading up to the Eagle Cliff Falls-just visible ahead.

A vertical shot of the breath taking view.
A horizontal shot of 41 ft. Eagle Cliff Falls and downstream.

A closeup of the falls.

An overview shot.
I love this shot of the girl behind the falls.

Her father gave permission to photograph them.
A fun father-daughter activity.  Photos taken in July 2009.

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