Friday, May 11, 2012

Views at Canandaigua Lake--A NY Finger Lake

Summertime at Canandaigua Lake with summer storm clouds over boats in a dock area.
Calm time on the pier

There are 6 rows of boat houses at the end of the Canandaigua Lake Pier

Another view of colorful boathouses

Big development in progress by the lake.  Condos with stores planned at street level (Summer 2016)

Another building project by the lake that is in a  holding pattern (2016)

Winter boat dock area with lots of geese in the background.
Another view with gulls and geese in the background.

Gulls standing about in snowy area. 

The Canandaigua Queen in winter dock.

A collage of a memorable summertime visit to Canandaigua Lake.

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  1. Who knew that 4 years later, we would be living 10 miles from this lake and I get to enjoy it every week? I love the time I get to spend by the lake.